Growing up in the Rocky Mountains as an extra-sensory, psychic, intuitive being I often had mystical experiences in nature that left the deepest imprint on my spirit and those are the places I return to in myself and the landscape to connect to something greater, deeper, and meaningful in this world. Developing relationships to the cosmos, spirit, and nature, I listen deeply and try to interpret the messages and guidance. These supernatural experiences inform the types of experiences I design for others to enter into. The erotic experience accesses another aspect of ourselves that is an important wayfinder in our lives.

In combining an experience of the body in nature and the erotic I find we can access those deep messages, instincts, “inner guidance” and alternate dimension and ourselves in a new way.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with distinction from Alberta College of Art & Design, specializing in Media Arts + Digital Technologies. I also have an Architecture Certificate from Ryerson University specializing in sustainable building technologies and passive solar design. I am a Kundalini yoga instructor. I live and work in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.