To begin, I acknowledge that I am a white settler on Ktunaxa, Tsuu T’ina, Stoney, and Niitsítpiis-stahkoii homeland. I often wonder what Canmore would look and feel like without the settlers.

My lineage is Hungarian and Irish. Magyar and Celts. Both sides were nomadic and covered quite a range! I have lived in the Rocky Mountains most of my life, for me it feels like home although my roots come from Europe.

Growing up in the mountains I often had mystical experiences in nature that left the deepest imprint on my spirit and those are the places I return to in myself and the landscape to connect to — Something greater, deeper, and meaningful. Developing relationships to the cosmos, spirit, and nature, These supernatural experiences inform the types of experiences I design for others to enter into.

In combining an experience of the body in nature and the erotic I find we can access those deep messages, instincts, “inner guidance” and alternate dimension and ourselves in a new way. I listen deeply and try to interpret the messages and guidance.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with distinction from Alberta University of the of Arts (ACAD), specializing in Media Arts + Digital Technologies. I studied at Ryerson University and have an Architecture Certificate specializing in sustainable building and Passive Solar design which is one of my favourite subjects. I also teach Kundalini yoga on occasion and feel blessed to know some of the teachings. I live and work in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.