In my photographic work I guide and encourage co-creators to navigate into alternate dimensions using interchangeable tools that I have researched and developed through a study in altered states. These tools include: the erotic, wilderness, ritual, physical and mental challenge, body and adornment, sunrise and sunset timing aligning with celestial bodies, geomancy, endurance, exhaustion, elixirs, herbs, flowers, and the delirium of all these things combined.

Together, myself and performers, using these tools, vision quest into the landscape to cultivate a deeper experience of the world, other worlds, other possible realities, multi-verses, and alternate dimensions. This is my way of accessing non-ordinary reality.

We venture into the wilderness for sunrise to arrive at a potent place in the landscape. I look to geomancy, crystal grid lines, vortices, ley lines, and places of immense power and beauty to cultivate an experience of altered states.

Once we arrive to the potent place, I will direct a ritual to call in these energies and to call in altered states for the co-creators. Ritual is a creative movement with a specific intention. It is an invitation to the presence of the divine, using the power of symbols to establish connections with the members of a circle, the sacred, or something larger than ourselves. It invites in the presence of spirit. Experiences of this sort of space are transformative and give meaning.

From these altered states, I collect documentations of the "other places/spaces” using analogue film photography.  We express the shift in ourselves and euphoria we are experiencing through an act for the camera, a gesture of communication. How can we communicate from the other dimension? What language do we speak? How can we use our intuition to create a language?

I interpret complex feelings through a click of the shutter.

Can you feel it in the photographs?

I bring the images back from the other side to share a deeper experience of the world through sensory embodiment, an interface with body and nature.

There is something about analogue film that collects light crystals, merges with our intentions, feelings and imprints it onto the negatives, it’s alchemy of space.

These performative rituals are an offering to develop instincts/trust/strength and receive messages from nature. It is an opportunity to listen to these instincts, build trust in them, and to see how strong and powerful we are.